Gué Pardue Hudson Center for Leadership, 订婚 and Service

体面的生活. 铅大胆. 学无止境. 笑大方地. 

Your time at Agnes Scott is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the Center for Leadership, 订婚, and Service (CLES) wants to support you in making the most of your experience. We offer a myriad of social, 文化, and educational organizations that foster a vibrant and engaged campus life. We also create opportunities to reinforce and complement your classroom experience. Whether you're leading an organization, planning a social event, or exploring the metro Atlanta area, 我们都在你身边!


If you don't see it, create it! A vibrant social life includes connecting with your peers, 探索新地方, and adopting new hobbies. We offer 60+ organizations, outdoor excursions and a multitude of student activities. You belong at 正规博彩十大网站排名学院!

Immerse yourself in endless possibilities of social, 文化, 宗教, political and wellness experiences. Connect with the greater community through engagement projects and events that promote an understanding of yourself, 你身边的人, 这个世界.


Your journey begins here! We are excited to welcome you to the Scottiehood and help you find your place in our community. Legacy: New Student Orientation is a signature Summit program that provides you with resources to successfully transition into the college experience. Legacy Leaders create and facilitate your introduction to Agnes Scott and the Scottiehood. You may very well find your Scottie squad here! 


正规博彩十大网站排名学院 has a rich history in its symbolism and rights of passage. Students celebrate time-honored traditions such as Sophomore Ring Ceremony, 黑猫周, 创始人的一天, 和AgnesPalooza.

Discover Our 传统 


Welcome to the Scottiehood! The moment you arrive on campus, you will find yourself inspired to engage in the intellectual and social challenges of our times. Your passion is a necessary ingredient for engagement and success. Don’t hesitate to innovate!

The Student Government Association, advised by the Center for Leadership, 订婚, and Service is the primary governing body on-campus. The SGA represents the needs and concerns of the student body while fostering an inclusive campus community for all students.
If you don't find a fit in one of our more than 60 organizations, you can start one yourself! Follow a few simple steps: submit a letter of intent, meet with 黛西Astudillo, Coordinator for Student 订婚, 选择顾问, 招募成员, and create a constitution for approval of your organization’s charter! SGA和 国际奥委会 jointly approve the charters of all new student organizations. 
Agnes Scott's 编程板 is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus. The board creates and facilitates diverse events that support a vibrant social life for all Scotties!


Explore the possibilities! The CLES is dedicated to providing Scotties with safe spaces and access to transportation. Whether you want to enjoy an outing with your fellow Scotties or have lunch with your classmates, our team will provide a place you can always call home!

The heart and hub of campus, the 奥尔斯顿校园中心 is home to many important places and spaces from The Hub to Mollie's Grille, 黑猫咖啡馆, and several dining areas and lounges. You will also find the information desk, 锻炼的房间, 网吧, 美国邮政总局, Amazon Locker (Estrela), and various event venues here!
Explore Downtown Decatur and the city of Atlanta! The 斯科蒂航天飞机 Offers FREE transportation to all Scotties and operates on a weekly basis. Make sure to follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information about what’s going on in the dynamic community we call home to 正规博彩十大网站排名学院.


For questions about any of the Center for Leadership, 订婚, and Service's programming and operations, 请联系



Coordinator for Student 订婚


电话: 404.471.5398

地点: 奥尔斯顿校园中心 219

Iva Stewart-Barre

Coordinator for Student Involvement


电话: 404.471.5140

地点: 阿尔斯通中心201


Coordinator for Leadership Development


电话: 404.471.5470

地点: 阿尔斯通中心204

LeAnna Rensi Casey

Director for the Center for Leadership, 订婚 and Service


电话: 404.471.6536

地点: 阿尔斯通中心218


Assistant Director of Service Learning and External 订婚


电话: 404.471.6639

地点: 阿尔斯通中心217